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Payment made on personal card/cash. Employee will be reimbursed at the time of payroll if purchase is approved

ALL payments made on company credit card or cash. All receipts need to be logged to track all transactions.

All time off requests must be filled out on this form whether you’re a W2 or 1099 employee so that management can track time off on all schedules. These requests need to be approved by your manager assigned.

Who do you think best embodies our Maven Core Values? We do this every month, remember to cast your vote!

Any issues or comments for the business to improve.

Vendors who are looking to be hired for Maven need to fill out vendor forms to be covered and paid accordingly due to insurance purposes.

Any bonuses that shall be paid out by Maven to the given employee. This is for W2 and 1099

This is for apparel deductions, overpaid employees or products taken from Maven that need to be paid back.

This is for a client that needs a refund.

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