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About Me

My name is Jesus Menchaca, I am a 27 year old father of an incredible 4 year old son. I live with my wonderful fiancé with our two dogs, Lexie and Zoro and our cat Yeezy. I moved to NC from Ohio a few years ago. I went to college for Physical Therapy after getting out of the Marine Corps.

I started with Maven in July of 2020 after struggling to find my footing on a career path. After some time away from Maven I returned to Maven this past fall. I had done various sales jobs in retail and door to door (AT&T internet, Rainbow Cleaning Systems) as well as construction, restaurant, and warehouse work. I struggled to find a career path that I loved, that I felt wanted, felt a purpose, and felt a sense of accomplishment when I did find success, until Maven.

I think something that makes me unique compared to others in my field is my infectious personality and my ability to connect with my customers and anyone I come in contact with during my day to day. My reason for doing this job, for joining Maven and what gets me up every morning is wanting to give my son the ability to do anything he wants in life. To provide him with countless opportunities to find his passion in life and be successful in all his ventures. I also want to change a pattern in my family of just getting by and give myself, my family and those who have helped me in my life freedom to live their life the way they want.

To me, being a Maven is accepting a responsibility for your life to not just live it but to make the most out of it and to push your own limits and break down all the barriers in your way. It’s about helping those around you and giving back to help better the world around you.

My number one favorite thing to do on the weekend is spend time with my son, I look forward to seeing him and watching how spectacular he is as he continues to grow and learn. I also enjoy spending time with my fiancé and doing new activities together . Lastly, I enjoy being able to have a full day to plan out and meals for the day!


I'm always excited for opportunities to help. Let's connect.

(910) 492-1216