• Greg Brown

Company Culture: The Maven Way

In the always changing world of company cultures, I’ve managed to compile several of my own observations of what particulars set apart the good from the great. Maven, along with several other organizations I have worked with, embodies several of my favorite attributes I have found critical to a healthy and sustainable company culture. I will briefly go over a couple of my more notable culture cultivators below.

The first attribute I have noticed in Maven is a synergistic relationship among teams and their members. While studies have shown mixed findings about the “your coworkers are your family” mentality, Maven manages to find a delicate balance between work/family relationship. Our organization is as strong as the individual, and each individual is as strong as the team. I’ve seen countless examples of an individual treating another as Maven brethren rather than just another co-worker. We make sure to take care of one another both in the workplace and in several after work gatherings and activities.

Second, is diversity. In a trade such as roofing I’m sure it goes without saying that most people on the outside looking in have their own preconceived notions of what a “roofer” should look like. Well, Maven breaks that stereotype in spades, and it’s one of the things I love about our culture. Our ever-growing team is led with inclusivity. Gender and ethnicity are non-factors and aptitude, energy, ideas, attitude and work-ethic act as our lighthouse. I believe this diversity plays an immeasurable role in Maven’s growth and innovation.

Lastly, is Leadership. Having now seen both sides of leadership positions here in Maven, I can wholeheartedly say that passionate leadership breeds passionate employees. These passions surpass work tasks and flow into the energy and growth of the individuals personally. I can attest to this because I myself have experienced it firsthand. Mavens leadership team of managers selflessly pour more from their own cups than they ask, and I myself have taken the same approach when leading my team. I see leadership qualities in each of our Mavens and constantly look for opportunities to enable their personal and professional growth.

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