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Fact or Myth: Solar Panel Increases Your Home Value

Aside from the countless benefits of installing Solar Panels, you might be asking yourself, ‘What value does solar add to my home?’

According to Zillow, a real estate lead generating company, solar increases property value at the time of sale. Homeowners need to consider investing in solar energy and evaluate the return on investment in the same way as spending thousands of dollars for renovations.

In North Carolina alone, the median-valued home increases up to 4.8% or $8,996. This proves that going solar is more than just reducing your monthly electricity bill. It also increases your home’s value!

How so? And how does that work?

There are factors that influence the added value of solar panels:

  • Location: Electrical costs vary in every community. The higher your electrical cost is, the greater value you will get from your solar panels. It all boils down to your geographic location with the right amount of sun exposure and social benefits of installing solar power that add value to your home.

  • Installation Prices: In connection with your geographic location, the cost of the local solar installation in your area is also a factor. For example, if you are selling your home with a solar system already installed, it makes your home much more expensive. The buyer would save money, on the other hand.

  • System Output: Homes with a larger solar system output, the higher the value added. See the average amount in the table below:

Solar System Size

Average Home Value Increase

4 kW


6 kW


8 kW


10 kW


  • Age: You have to consider the depreciation of your solar system. When you sell your home with an older solar system, the buyer will likely replace the parts sooner or do repairs

  • Replacement Value: To add to the age of your solar system, the brand factors in considering the price and replaceability of the parts. They all add to the value of your solar system.

Although the factors mentioned above provide a ballpark estimate, they all add up to your property’s value. Another good news is in North Carolina your property has 80% tax exempt when you install solar panels, even if your property value rises. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?!

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