• Beth Pariseau

Featured City - Hampstead

Home to Maven headquarters and several employees, Hampstead, once just a small fishing village and a railroad whistle stop, is now one of the fastest growing areas in Southeastern North Carolina. The community of Hampstead first gained fame in the late 1700s, when the first president of the United States used the small fishing town as a temporary home. George Washington stayed at a local public house on his tour of the South states in 1791. The Daughters of the American Revolution planted an oak tree in his honor as a monument in 1925. It is still a massive live oak and a prominent landmark.

Hampstead offers a variety of local attractions, both historic and natural. Home to Poplar Grove Plantation, Hampstead's most popular attraction, was a self-sustaining peanut plantation in the 1800s. Poplar Grove offers a museum tour, ghost tours, a farmer's market as well as an Equine Rescue Program. Simply enjoy one of North Carolina's oldest plantations or summon the Foy family during a ghost tour. For more information on the Poplar Grove Plantation visit their website:

With roots in fishing, Hampstead offers a variety of activities for the outdoor adventurer; enjoy the beautiful beaches just minutes away in Topsail Beach and Surf City, take a cruise through the intercoastal waterways, enjoy a round of golf at one of the many bourses, or head down to the marina for a fishing excursion. Hampstead is one of a few local villages that stake a claim to the title of "Seafood Capital of the Carolinas". Newcomers of all ages seek out this little waterfront community due to the affordable lifestyle and quiet atmosphere just minutes from all of the conveniences and attractions of the neighboring cities.

Walk around town and you're sure to find a Maven roof!

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