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How much do roof repairs cost?

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Roof repairs are no small expense, even a couple hundred dollars of an unplanned expense can have a large impact on your monthly budget. Even nailing a couple of shingles back to the roof can cost you upwards of $400-$650 depending on the difficulty of the job. So what makes these seemingly simple roof repairs cost so much?

  1. Materials. Materials needed for the job such as shingles, felt and nails are sold by the bundle, roll and box respectively. So for instance if you need 3 shingles replaced, your contractor has to order and purchase an entire bundle of shingles, an entire box of nails and an entire roll of felt. The contractor cannot return these unused materials, so they price the entire amount for these materials into your bid. A contractor can expect to pay around $100-$150 for these base materials.

  2. Labor. Skilled labor to perform a proper repair usually requires that the contractor pay that individual between $25-$30/per hour plus incur the expense of tax and benefits above and beyond that. So for a simple three shingle repair your contractor is likely sending 1-2 individuals for a minimum of 2 hours. So labor cost the contractor another $60-$120.

  3. Overhead. Your contractor has baked in overhead they have to cover including rent, fuel, salaries, taxes and insurance to name a few. On average around 30-40% of each job goes to overhead right out of the gate. So on a $650 job with 40% overhead, $260 goes to overhead right out of the gate.

If we add this all up a $650 job is going to cost your contractor on average around $480, leaving a profit of $170 which typically goes towards buying more tools and assets to fuel the growth of the business. When you look at the cost involved it is easy to see why small construction jobs do not offer the benefit of economies of scale. Now, to be fair you can find unlicensed contractors who have lower overhead and will charge you a lower price. When looking for a better price ensure you find a contractor that has a strong business track record, pays their bills (the supplier can lien your home if the contractor skips out on their material bills) and warranties their work. Going with the cheapest bid may save you money now, but in construction, it typically costs you more in the long run.

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