• Beth Pariseau

Understanding the Claims Process

A storm has come through your area and damaged your home, so it's time to file a claim. While the claims process can be scary and confusing, knowing what to expect can help to ease those fears. There are circumstances where the process does vary, however as a general rule; it should go as follows:

Step 1 - File the claim - Filing a claim with your insurance company can be done three ways

  1. Virtually - On their website or by email

  2. Over the phone - Call into your insurance company and follow the prompts to file a new claim

  3. With your local agent - Your agent can assist you with filing your claim

Step 2 - An adjuster is assigned to your file

Step 3 - The assigned adjuster reaches out to you to schedule an inspection to view the damages to your home. Make sure you call your contractor (if you already have one) to have them on-site with the adjuster at the time of the inspection, this is important as they have already inspected the damages and are there to ensure the adjuster doesn't miss anything.

Step 4 - A determination is made and your first check and paperwork is mailed to you. This phase can be the most frustrating as it can take the longest, esp. during peak storm seasons when adjusters are overloaded with claim files.

Step 5 - If the determination has been made in your favor (approved) and no damages were missed, the process of rebuilding can begin. If the determination is denied or items are missing; the supplement process with your contractor begins. A supplement is an estimate written by your contractor sent into the insurance carrier and negotiated between your contractor and adjuster.

Step 6 - Work is complete, proof of completion is sent to the carrier and your final check is released to you to be paid to your contractor as final payment

We, at Maven, have an internal claims department that works directly with your insurance company, the benefit of this is the claims process is simplified and you as the homeowner can worry less about the claim. Home is where the heart is after all, and we pride ourselves on taking care of both.

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