Our goals with every customer interaction are as follows:
  • Become your “Trusted Advisor”
  • Identify your challenge and present a clear plan to solve it.
  • Learn about your fears, concerns, wants and expectations of us as your contractor.
The Agenda:
We want to help reduce anxiety by letting you know exactly what to expect from the meeting. Our agenda should answer the following questions:
  • Provide an overview of the process
  • How long it will take
  • When we will tell you the price
What we coach our representatives to do:
  1. Set the agenda and understand what you expect from the visit
  2. Complete the inspection report:
  • At a minimum the following photos are required for every inspection:
  • Photo of house number (House or Mailbox)
  • 360 Photos of the house and auxiliary buildings (Sheds, detached garages etc.)
  • Photo of drip edge
  • Photo of underlayment
  • Shingle gauge photo
  • Pitch photo(s) Need a photo of the pitch gauge on each slope if slope varies across the roofing system.
  • Roofing system photo
  • 360 Photos from the Ridge
  • Damage photos (each slope)
  • Accessory photos (Pipe boots, flashings, venting, etc.)
  • Existing damage photos
  • Interior damage photos if any
  • Attic photos
3. Identify the problem:
  • Share the results of the inspection.
  • Show you the photos, highlight why it matters. Educate.
4. Let you know it is ok to say “No”
  • Help reduce anxiety by letting you know it is ok if they decide you are not the best fit for your project. We know we are not perfect for every project.
5. Questions Worth Asking:
  • What are your three must haves? I mean what are the top three things that are most important to you when hiring a contractor? We want to understand if we can fully meet your expectations.

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