• Abi Corey

Why It's Important for Homeowners to Trust Their Contractor

It’s important for homeowners to trust their contractors because contractors typically work on investments those homeowners have made for themselves and for their families. These investments might include your vehicle, yard, interior or exterior of your home. If you do not ask questions during the hiring process, how do you know who you are hiring and what quality job they will they be conducting? Maven recommends all homeowners who are looking for work to be done on their homes to ask some of these following questions before hiring:

- May I see photos of prior jobs you have completed? - Do you have any specific warranties to cover this work? - How long has this company been in business? - May I see some reviews from your prior clients?

It’s always important that you ask to see a contractor's license or certificate in their expertise. Always research the company before hiring. This may prevent legal cases arising after the work is completed and you as the homeowner is left unsatisfied.

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