Gabrielle Laniewski

Sales Operations Manager

Brie is a Jacksonville native and frequenter of local bubble tea establishments. She is Maven's Sales Operations Manager and her favorite part about working for Maven is Kent and his outgoing, bubbly personality. In her free time, Brie enjoys eating salad and staring at her husband, the most handsome man in the world. 

Anthony Jarona

Recruiting & Training Manager

Anthony is a Sales Representative at Maven, and he can be spotted at the beach sporting a bright green Maven tank top. Voted best beard at Maven. 

Greg Brown

Sales Manager

Greg is the Field Sales Manager for our Jacksonville location and the comedic relief of Maven. His customers love his upbeat personality so much that we gave him an award for "Outstanding Customer Service". While we aren't very sure where he came from, we know his chosen method of transportation here was his BMX bike. He enjoys jumping his bike over roofing objects, impersonating famous figures, and long walks on roofs.

Nico is our Territory Manager for the Jacksonville office! He’s graduating soon with a degree in Sports Medicine and is hoping to one day return to school for sommelier training. His second cousin was the original Philly Phanatic so he has big, intimidating, green aspirations!

Nico DelFratte

Territory Manager

Daniel is one of our rockstar Site Managers and is a huge basketball fan! You can always count on Daniel to score three-pointers! His favorite team is the Utah Jazz and he has seen them play twelve times.

Daniel Corrow
Site Manager

Terrence is currently in school for graphic design and expects to be the Next Big Thing in website design and development. He currently lives in Jacksonville, NC but his heart is in Branson, MO and he hopes to one day retire to his favorite place on earth!

Terrence Findlayson
Field Marketer
Devin Martin
Field Marketer

Devin is one of our featured Women in Roofing! She loves pina coladas and aspires to one day finish clown school. Good luck Devin!

Andrue Valdez
Field Marketer

Andrue has two kids and loves macrame and rock-climbing. One of his personal (and professional) goals is to one day sell a roof to John Mayer. 

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