Greg Brown
Field Manager

Greg is the Roof Field Manager and the comedic relief of Maven. His customers love his upbeat personality so much that we gave him an award for "Outstanding Customer Service". While we aren't very sure where he came from, we know his chosen method of transportation here was his BMX bike. He enjoys jumping his bike over roofing objects, impersonating famous figures, and long walks on roofs.

Nate (1).png

Nate Libertone
Account Manager

While Nate is not a “local” to ENC, he's lived down here for about 9 years and have no intention of leaving, although he may dream about it somedays, his wife would simply not allow it! Together they have 2 sons and a beautiful daughter, adding another boy to the family in just a few short months! As a family they enjoy church on Sundays and eating their weight in seafood!

He's been in the sales industry almost his entire working life. For the last 3 years of Nate's career, he's either been in managerial positions or working for himself. As an individual with an outgoing personality, sales just fits him. He loves being able to talk to new people daily and to bring them a level of security and honesty that they most often don’t expect from someone in his position. He strives not only on commitment to his costumers, but also on transparency. He believes that open communication is the best way to build relationships and to make people comfortable with big purchases. He believes his relationship with potential customers is WAY more important than getting them to “sign the dotted line”. Morals like integrity, honor, and respect are HUGE when it comes to his professional and home life. If he can make something easier for you it is his desire to do so! He looks forward to working with you and protecting your biggest asset in life - your home, with quality roofing.

Tony Rocci
Account Manager

Tony excels by providing passionate customer service. When he is not helping customers in our community, he can be found hanging out with his 2 year old son, Wade and his wife of 8 years, Shelbi. Tony enjoy’s fishing off the coast of Eastern NC, mainly targeting King Mackerel. Prior to becoming a Maven, Tony would provide the same great customer service at local dealerships helping customers with their vehicle repairs. Tony served in the US Marine Corps as a Landing Support Specialist and after his enlistment, Tony served the community of Jacksonville as a firefighter. Tony has been in ENC for 9 years, and has been serving the community ever since. 

Cody (1).png
Cody Roach
Field Marketer

He started  with Maven in hopes to help as many families as possible. His great passion is helping people who have been through a traumatic/stressful experience. At Maven, we help families to find the best solution in their roofing needs. 


Cody served in the United States Marine Corps for 9 years as a Law Enforcement Canine Handler. His passion for helping others and serving the community did not start there, but it most definitely grew to be even stronger and hold even more meaning, due to injuries sustained. While on active duty he was medically retired which devastated him thinking he's no longer able to resume a career in doing what he loved. Until he became a Maven, he was missing a very integral part of his life and that is to help and serve those in need. 


Aside from that, Family is the most important aspect of his life. Cody has a 7-year old daughter. They like to find a good fishing spot; even though they never catch anything besides a few mullet she always makes sure to tell him “It's ok Dad, even if we didn’t catch anything it was a beautiful day to be outside and on the water and I had fun with you anyways”. They like to walk up and down the beach looking for shark teeth, cool shells and pick up trash. If they find some cool stuff they try to make a necklace or bracelet out of it. She also enjoys painting and video games. 


Cody looks forward to serving as many families in the region as he can with the support of the whole Maven family. 


Isaiah Smith
Field Marketer

Isaiah is basically an NC native after moving here in his early childhood. He enjoys the quiet city vibe. He is a Field Marketer here at Maven and loves what he does. When he’s not on a roof, you can pretty much guarantee that he’s at home writing or producing music. Maybe you can convince him to show you some of his music at your next appointment. Call and schedule today!

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