Steven Bragg

Account Manager

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About Me

HI, I'm Steven! I have been in many different trades throughout the years, but I came to realize a few years back that everything I was doing involved sales. I knew then that I would only be happy if I was doing the right thing by the customer. I am happy to be with Maven - company that consistently shows they have the same values. It is hot on the roof and it takes a special breed to get up there every day, but I am proud to be a Maven representative and to be working at Maven, “The King of the Rooftops”.

I studied BS in Finance and started my career in equipment lease for Bank of California because I wanted to help and assist companies with their equipment needs. Hard work paid off when I was awarded Top Sales Representative! While I am truly proud of my professional accomplishments, nothing makes me prouder than my kids. 

Customers are smart. They don’t really need me to "sell" them anything… but they need me to "tell" them about the various products and services about which they are inquiring. It is very gratifying to help someone understand the value and importance of investing in a roof by Maven Roofing.


My top three weekend favorites are: my kids, reading, and motorcycles.


I'm always excited for opportunities to help. Let's connect.

(910) 492-1219