Determining your home’s solar power viability is a complex process that requires time and expertise. Assessing the condition of your roof is an essential part of determining whether or not you should add solar panels. The good news is that virtually every kind of roof (asphalt, shingled, clay tile) can accommodate solar panels. But do you really need to get a new roof first before going solar? Maven Solar is here to help answer your question.

The answer is: not necessarily.

In order to install solar panels, your roof must still be in good condition. This implies that if your roof is due for replacement in 1 to 3 years, it would make more sense to replace it first before installing solar panels. You can avoid any potential damage during the installation procedure by doing this.

But here’s the catch…

While we do not necessarily recommend you to get a new roof before you switch to solar, you still need to verify if your roof is qualified for solar installation.
You can compare the anticipated life of your old roof’s installation to its current age to see how many more years it should endure. However, be aware that, much like automobile tires, wear and tear on two identical roofs might differ significantly owing to their placement in different regions with varying weather conditions. One example is that one may be exposed to more sun, wind, rain, and snow than the other; or one may have tree branches nearby that brush against the shingles or land on the roof.
It is best to call your local roofing contractor to inspect your roof. At Maven, we highly discourage homeowners to climb their roofs by themselves because safety is our top priority. This is why we offer free roof and solar inspection to let our experts do the work for you.

Why Installing a New Roof and Solar Together is a good idea

Well, if you decide to get a new roof and solar eventually, it is best to have one project with the same timeline and one contractor to deal with. This will make the project more efficient and can save you money. Also, by installing a solar roof, your new roof will be generating electricity for your home from day one.

How Maven Solar Can Help

Maven Solar is a full-service solar company that offers solar design, installation, financing, and monitoring services. We also offer free inspection and consultation because we want to help you make an informed decision about going solar.
Of course, everyone’s situation is different. If you’re thinking of making the switch to solar power, we’ll help you assess your home’s unique needs and come up with the best plan.
Schedule a free consultation with us today and let’s talk about how Maven can help you go solar.

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