If you are considering getting solar panels installed on your roof, then you have probably heard of net metering. Net metering is a utility billing mechanism for customers who are making excess electricity with their solar panel systems. The excess will be sent back to the grid. In this blog post, we will discuss how net metering works and the benefits, especially in saving money.

What is Net Metering and How Does it Work?

Net metering is a way for you to get credits for the excess electricity that your solar panels produce. The excess electricity will be sent back to the grid, and your utility company will give you a credit on your bill. This is because when you have solar panels, you are producing clean energy that can be used by other people. And when you send this electricity back to the grid, it helps to offset the carbon emissions from power plants.
Net metering allows you to benefit from your solar system’s output. You will simply be charged for the “net” energy used each month, that is, the difference between the energy produced by your solar power system and the energy consumed by your home during the billing period.
When you already got your solar panels installed, check your net meter. You will see the meter spin back when it isn’t being used, giving you an opportunity to reduce your power usage by offsetting the electricity you consume from the grid during non-sunny or nighttime hours. After that, only your “net” energy use is billed. The additional electrical energy generated is returned to the grid so that it may be consumed by your neighbors.

The Benefits of Net Metering

The benefits of net metering are twofold: first, it saves you money on your electric bill; and second, it helps the environment. When you have solar panels, you are producing clean energy that offsets carbon emissions from power plants. And when you send this electricity back to the grid, you are helping to reduce the demand for fossil fuels.
Because your solar system is producing electricity near to where it will be consumed, there’s less strain on the grid’s distribution and transmission infrastructure. The voltage is sent many miles from the nearest power plant in order to minimize energy loss due to converting AC power back into DC power.
Net metering is an excellent choice for you if you want to save money while also protecting the environment. To learn more about how to start net metering right now, contact your local utility company.
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