Solar Panels are like cars that need regular tune-ups to ensure that they are working at their full capacity. If you have solar panels installed in your home, testing and monitoring them regularly is necessary. And what do you do if they are not working correctly? No worries! Maven Solar has got you these helpful tips to stay safe and save money when it comes to maintaining your home or building’s powerhouse.

Here are some simple ways to check if your solar panels are functioning:

#1 Inspect the Inverter

The inverter serves a crucial role in your solar panel system. It is the tool that converts the natural or direct energy into the alternating electricity reserved for you to use. You can check with your solar company which of the kinds of the inverter you got: the string inverter or micro-inverter. A string inverter is a bit huge and usually placed in a different location. The micro-inverters, on the other hand, are tiny and typically attached behind the solar panels.
Most inverters feature an indicator light to show their performance. An orange or red glow indicates that your solar panels are probably not generating electricity, and it’s time to contact your solar installer.

#2 Keep Track of Energy Production

How do you know if your solar panels are working well and producing energy? another thing that you should track is the kilowatt-hours. Most solar systems come with a physical meter or an app where you can check the solar output. The kilowatt-hours should be increasing. If not, reach out to your solar company as soon as possible.

#3 Take a Rain Check

By rain check, we meant the weather. It’s the main cause of your solar panels’ reduced energy production. Add snow and wind debris to that list as well. You are fortunate if you live in a sunny location because even while the sun is covered, your solar panels can still provide a lot of energy.

#4 Pay Attention to Your Electric Bill

Tracking your electric bill is also one of the ways to know if your solar panels are working. If your electric bill is lower, it simply means that the solar panels are supplying the power to your usage. Although they fluctuate depending on the day-to-day production, you should be paying less to your electricity company over time. If your due is too high for a long period, your solar panels may not be performing well. That’s when you should contact your solar company.

#5 Reach Out to Your Solar Company

Not sure what to do? Do not hesitate to contact your solar company to guide you. In Maven Solar, we provide assistance from the moment you decide to get solar panels and sign a contract with us. Our Solar Sales Representatives are experts in installing and troubleshooting to make sure that your solar panels are working at their full capacity. They can also teach you how to monitor and test your solar panels on your own.
We hope that you find this blog post helpful for testing your solar panels. It is a must to ensure that they are always in tip-top shape. Feel free to reach out to us for Solar Panels and Solar Roofing concerns. Our team is always happy to help you!
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