Did you know that a solar panel system can last you about 30 to 35 years? That’s plenty of savings on electricity bills over time! And because they have such a long life, a lot of homeowners have questions on its impact on their roof: Will my roof hold up? Is it worth it? Do I need a roof replacement before going solar? We’re answering some of those questions in this blog, so read on!


Will solar panel installation damage my roof?

Roofing issues caused by the installation are quite uncommon, but many solar companies offer warranty coverage for your roof where the panels are located. A lot of companies do this because existing roofing warranties are often voided if you’re installing solar, at least for the portion of the roof where your system is installed. This warranty varies, but typically it’s 10 years so don’t forget to confirm with your solar installation company whether they warranty the roof and the duration of that warranty before you even sign a contract.


Should I get roof replacement before getting solar panels installed?

It’s important to get your roof evaluated to ensure it can withstand solar roof installation, especially if your roof is nearing the end of its life. Not a lot of solar companies offer roofing services, (Maven is one of the few, ahem) but solar installation is commonly done alongside re-roofing so it’s best to have roofing experts do an assessment of your roof beforehand.

If it’s recommended that your roof be replaced before going solar, then it’s smart to heed expert advice. A little tip: solar panels are more durable than most roofing materials, so when you pair it with a roof replacement, the panels actually extend the lifetime of the portion of the roof that they cover.

Another benefit of getting a roof replacement and solar together is that it can save you money in the long run because if you’re installing on a new roof, it’s unlikely you’ll need to re-roof during the lifetime of the system. This helps you avoid the costs associated with removing and reinstalling the solar panels in case you need a roof replacement in between!

How much does solar panel removal cost if I need to replace my roof?

Naturally, there will be labor costs associated with taking the panels off and putting them back on if you need a roof replacement post-installation. The cost varies so it’s hard to give specifics, and installers will have different rates and may vary on the size of the system, how many panels need to be removed, if you need a storage services, and other factors. Residential removals and installations can cost somewhere between $1,500 to $6000 on average (does not include cost of replacing your actual roof).

In these instances, homeowners often contact their original solar panel installer for labor since they’re familiar with the particular system. However, a lot of solar companies offer services for installations that aren’t their own so you’re concerned about the process, do some research and check previous jobs of your potential installer then ask about typical associated costs. It never hurts to ask!

Isn’t it too expensive to get a replacement and solar together?

Re-roofing costs may be high, but an average solar installation will save you tens of thousands of dollars in utility bills over its lifetime, so going solar should make up for the costs in the long term. Plus, if you’re planning to re-roof anyway, now’s a perfect time to consider getting a solar roofing system!

If you’re seriously thinking of going solar, we can help! Maven is the best roofing and solar contractor in Eastern North Carolina and our experts will assist you right from assessment to installation!

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