Not a lot of people pay attention to the roof over their heads… until a leak happens. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that homeowners perform a regular roof inspection twice a year. Debris should be removed from rooftops, gutters, drains, and downspouts – and of course, check for signs of damage. Here are five indicators that it’s time for a new roof:

1. Your Paper Trail

Check your home improvement records. When was the last time you had your roof replaced or reshingled? Keeping track of when your roof was installed (and the materials used) gives you insight on its lifespan.

2. Listen to Your Attic

Start from the inside. Check under the eaves and look for beams of light coming through the top of the house. Any stains and streaks signal a leaky roof.

3. Your Shingles Don’t Mingle

Shingles should lie flat against the roof; repairs are in order if you have patches that are damaged, cracked, or buckling. Gutters and downspouts should also be checked for shingle granules—a roof that is losing a lot of granules may have reached the end of its life.

4. The Flash…ing

Flashing around vents, chimneys, and skylights protects the seams of the roof. These points must have no cracks or breaks, otherwise you’re bound to have leaks.

5. Moss and Rots-a-NO-NO

Moss, mold, and algae indicate there may be trapped moisture which spells trouble. A droopy roof is a sure-sign that you need a replacement. If you find sagging spots, or rotting boards, contact a professional roofing company to prevent further damage to your home.
Don’t automatically assume you need a whole new roof just because you got a bit of a leak or found some damaged shingles. If your roof is less than 15 years old and was installed properly, you might still get by with a repair rather than a full replacement. However, ignoring these signs will definitely lead to a disastrous outcome. To make sure your roof is assessed properly, contact a licensed roofing contractor to get a professional inspection done on your home.
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