Skylights are a functional way to save money by ushering in real sunlight. Like every other part of a home, skylights have lifespans, but there is one instance that may disrupt its tenure: a roof replacement. Installing a new roof causes a lot of strain on elements that protrude through the roof decking, and getting new skylights with a new roof is often cause for debate with conflicting answers like:
  • “Just add extra caulking around the skylights.”
  • “You only replace certain types of skylights.”
  • “Your skylights will be fine.”
  • “You just need a new flashing around the skylights.”
As an expert roofing contractor, Maven can’t stress this enough: ALWAYS GET SKYLIGHTS REPLACED WHEN GETTING A ROOF INSTALLED!
Replacing a roof is a big construction job which will certainly disturb your skylights and opting to not replace it with your new roof risks skylights failure within a year or so of a roof replacement.
What Can Go Wrong with the Skylights?
Several things, in fact! Disrupted seal points can let moisture in, which can lead to horrific effects such as leaking, rotting, and warped materials. And because skylights are a large, semi-flush heavy port on your roof, a new caulking and flashing wouldn’t work effectively as first defense since too many points may have been blown.
Remember that a skylight that fails a year after a roof replacement creates a much bigger problem. A professional roofer will highlight the seriousness of the situation and insist that you get your skylights replaced no matter what. It may even cost you a bit less to have a skylight installed during a roof replacement because it’s easier to put it in while the decking is bare.
Don’t risk your property and sanity — get your skylights replaced when getting a new roof!
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